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Last updated on 14 march 2023

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We provide real time sms and call counting. All tools are free, we have more than 8+ tools.

Super fast bombing

We provide high speed bombarding of sms and call, We have more than 150+ apps.

24 × 7 Support

You can contact us anytime for more please visit contact us page

Unlimited Bombing

We provide unlimited boming on targeted number, there's no limit while bombing.

Protect Number

We offer protect number to all the users to prevent their number from bombers.

International Bomber

Presenting international bomber All In One bomber which works on any number around the world.

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How to bomb any number?

  • Select the type of bomber you want
  • Enter target number
  • Enter access key
  • Click bomb
  • Wait till you want to bomb.

  • What is Whatsapp Bomber?

    WhatsApp Bomber is a tool that allows you to send bulk WhatsApp messages. This means you can spam anyone else's inbox. You can send 1000 or more in a single request or submission. So you can get an idea of how powerful this tool can be.

    What is SMS Bomber?

    As we all know, SMS Bombing any smartphone is a new trend in the world of pranks. Everyone just wants to have fun with their friends by bombing their SMS inbox with unlimited text messages. So, if you are also searching for an unlimited SMS bomber to bomb someone's inbox, then our SMS bomber tool might be the best choice for you.

    How does URL shortener work?

    All you need to do is to enter your long URL and get its short version. The short URL is constantly connected with the main one. It will be like a link's mirror. So you don't need to worry about that link will stop to work. Forgot or lost your short URL? No problem, just enter your long URL again.

    Note: Use this tool for fun purpose only.

    What is Custom SMS Sender?

    Custom SMS sender is a tool by which you can send messages to your friends and family free of cost.

    What is Call Bomber?

    Call Bomber is a tool which can send huge amount of Call in one time. You can use it on your friends and irritate them.

    Prank tool Sms Bomber -

    Sms Bomber is totally based upon sms, It has bulk of sms service connected which triggers large number of messages on targeted number by different companies simultaneously. If you want to prank someone then you can use this tool which will send huge amount of text message to the targeted number and the mobile number you enter will start receiving messages very fastly, which can also irritate the receiver.

    How to stop Bomber ?

    Suppose you are bombing your friend number and your friend is becoming angry and you want to stop bomber then click on stop button or close the current tab after doing this our server will stop the bomber in few seconds.

    Why people use Bomber as prank tool ?

    Since everyone just want to have fun with there friends, Sms Bomber is the best choice as a prank tool as it sends a lot of messages at the same time due to which the targeted number start receiving messages from many company and your friend will be surprised receiving messages from different companies together.

    Stop bomber permanently bombing your number-

    There are two ways to stop bomber bombing your number-

    First step: You can protect your number on the website or app of the bomber provider which will stop the bomber for your number from his website.

    Second step: You can block sms and calls by enabling treucaller filter to block spam and unknown calls and messages.

    once you follow these steps no one can bomb your number with sms, call and whatsapp.

    Bulk SMS Marketing

    Today SMS ( Short Message Service ) is the one of the compelling way for promoting in business. In case you are beginning another organization, You ought to learn sms showcasing without a doubt. You can advance your business utilizing Bulk SMS Marketing in less expense as it is savvy. Regardless of whether you have an independent company, you can bear the cost of it. SMS is an immediate method to arrive at your client. Organizations can contact large crowd with sms promoting and it doesn't make any difference where the business is based. There are generally 5 Billion endorsers who have telephones with sms administration empowered.